In email marketing campaigns, few tools are more effective than the power of personalization. Recipients are more likely to open an email piece directly addressed to them. But this goes well beyond emails, and even direct mail campaigns. You can and should personalize your journals, notebooks, and other office or marketing collateral. And our variable data has made this easier than ever! We’ve found that variable data helps your pieces stand out, and helps you break through the clutter many marketers struggle to breach


What is Variable Data?

Variable data combines the affordability of digital print with mass personalization. Using this technology, you can alter text, images, or graphics from one piece to the next without delay. This means you don’t have to design a separate option per name or use expensive tools just to add a name to a marketing piece.

All you have to do is give us the information you’d like on your marketing pieces. Then, we’ll create it for you.

Why Personalization?

As we mentioned above, people like receiving mail directed to them. It feels more relatable and personal to have a marketer or sales person know your name already. Some people reason, “If they know that, what else would they already know about me? Would they be able to meet my needs? Will they offer me the products or services I’m looking for and not just the same deal they’re giving everyone else?” Therefore, personalization as a marketing piece can only be a benefit to you in your business.

Plus, personalizing personal items at work can have several benefits. Printing a name on an employee’s notebook or journal can help them identify it at a glance, or even keep their personal notes secure. Variable data with images also lets you put your logo on any journal or docupad, helping to strengthen your brand and your company culture. If you’re looking for a stellar reason to deliver personalized office collateral to your teammates, good company culture can be it.

Tektured Journals

A couple of years ago, we created custom designed journals using our HP Indigo digital printers. These we distributed to our clients and sales prospects, to much acclaim. Since then, we’ve only kept pushing the limit, reaching into new fields where we can use variable data.

Our HP Indigo can handle any amount of variable data. No matter the size of your print run, we’ll finish it without a hitch.


Customize Your Journals With Tektured

The great thing about journals: they’re marketing tools that don’t look like marketing. They remain useful after an event or a tour of our Lindon facility, because everyone needs notebooks and journals. But for them to be really effective, they need to stand out. Not just with a fantastic design, but with other options people tend to overlook without knowing their importance. We know how to make your journals into a great marketing tool, and we’d love to help you achieve your goals.

Options to Meet Every NeedPineapple-journal-wire-o-1024x814.jpg

Tektured prides ourselves on the many options available for our products. For example, we provide three different types of pages. This way, your customers can use these books as journals, notepads, or sketchbooks as they prefer. Change up the pages with lined, blank, graph, or dotted options.

We also love our three different sizes: 5.25″ x 8.25″; 7″ x 9″; and 8.5″ x 11″. This makes it easy for your customers to pick the size that suits their lifestyle best, whether as a small journal or as a large notepad.

Or, customize the binding on each cover, whether you need wire-o, square-back, or perfect binding. However you want to spin your product, we’ll make it easy for you.

Customize Your Cover

We all judge books by their cover, despite the adage. Finish your cover with lamination such as soft touch. This velvety texture makes it irresistible to the touch. Your customers won’t be able to take their fingers off your journals!

Plus, velvet textures look incredible

More than making your cover beautiful, we help keep your paperback journals long-lasting. Each book is corner-rounded for value and book protection. It’s harder to bang up or damage a rounded corner than a square one!

Variable Data

Customize your recipients’ names with our variable data! Without changing the design or any extra hassle, you can put names, dates, or any other information on the cover, inside or out. This makes the journals great for gifting or for remembering special information varying from person to person.

Selling journals through more than one brand? Using this same data, we can also print your company’s logo on each journal. Plus, if you’re creating company journals, you can strengthen company culture with your employees, not just your customers.



Make your covers pop with MGI digital spot foil and varnish. Fun varnish texture and eye-catching foil can create a product your customers won’t be able to put down. More than that, they’ll want to handle it again and again, creating positive feelings with the book. The better they feel about it, the more likely they’ll be to come back, and to recommend their friends.

We’d love to help you customize and optimize these journals to fit your customers’ or employees’ needs. Contact us today for a free quote and samples of our product.

Custom Wrapping Paper With Tektured

Poor packaging can destroy an otherwise perfect gift. Presentation matters more than we might think. After all, despite the adage, we like to judge books (and gifts) by their covers. But you can make your gifts stand out with custom wrapping paper!

The Perfect Size

Too often, we go to the store and find a roll of wrapping paper for a birthday or holiday that really catches the eye. But it’s never worth it for just one present. If you get that whole roll, chances are that you’ll hang onto it for years, rarely using it and letting it take up space.

But we print our custom wrapping paper in just one size: 20 x 29 inches. This makes it easy to wrap single or small gifts. You’ll never have to waste money or space on a roll of wrapping paper that you won’t use! Of course, we also have the option to create a whole roll if you do need one. It’s all up to you. Just let us know, and we’ll meet your needs.

Variable Data

Want to give gifts for your business? Add your logo! Our variable data technology simplifies the process of adding your logo all over your wrapping paper. This makes your gifts a great marketing opportunity for clients outside the company. And it’s great for company culture for gifts within the company as well!

Beautiful Custom Designs

Generic rolls of wrapping paper in the store don’t cut it for everyone. Sometimes, birthday balloons or Christmas snowmen just aren’t appropriate for the occasion, either. But finding a fun, beautiful design can be more difficult or expensive than it seems at the start.

So, we’ve not only created flexible, fun designs, but we’ve given you the opportunity to create your own! Just submit your design, whether you want it to stand out to a particular person or to make your branding shine.

Still not convinced? Studies show gift wrap improves the receiver’s evaluation of the gift by 17% and increases the appreciation of the gift giver. Wrapping paper is more than just a decorative wrap, it’s a present for your brand.


What is the Value of Time?

Often times we underestimate the value of our time. There are many instances when we do things on our own to save a few dollars. But what we forget how much our time is worth.


For example; within the past week I have worked with two different clients who spend countless hours creating their product. One of which makes custom books. She orders all the material separately and then assembles them on her own. She told me that it takes her about 20 minutes for complete assembly of her books–she sells anywhere from 500-700 a month.

This isn’t a huge operation, but it still takes her more than 160 hours every month to complete all of her orders. When I spoke with her we talked about setting up an automated system that prints each order as they come in, complete with fulfillment, but she was ever so hesitant. Her biggest hang up was the fact that she was going to lose some of her margins by paying for an automated system and fulfillment.

Here’s the issue: her margins were only shrinking at a minimal amount. What she didn’t realize is that by automating her system she would then have 160 hours to spend with her family, but also to grow her business and find more customers. Think about how much faster her business would grow if she took all of that time to grow her business rather than actually assembling her product. I can’t forget to mention that she has only been in business for a few months and has only run online banners. She has barely put any work into advertising and grown very quickly.

I personally try to weigh the pros and cons of doing something myself. For example, I recently bought a new home and had the yard landscaped. When I was in high school I worked for a landscaping company so I know the basics. I just didn’t know if I wanted to spend countless hours after work in the yard putting in my sprinklers and landscaping. It wasn’t something I was really looking forward to. I decided that instead of doing the yard myself I only needed to land a few more sales in order to make up the difference. So I did. I spend a few more hours a day selling and paid for my yard–it was a lot less time than doing it on my own. Not to mention it allowed me to spend time growing my business, spending time with my family and doing things that I enjoy.

The moral of the story is this: when you are a salesman, entrepreneur, self-employed, etc. you have to take into account how much your time is actually worth. Sure you saved a few bucks by doing something on your own, but how much did you actually save compared to how many more sales you could have gotten in that amount of time.

Estimate your time properly and take into consideration what is most important.

Massive Action

I’m going to be honest, most of the days that I come into the office I have no idea what I’m doing.

For the past seven years, I was in the Smart Home industry and sold door-to-door along with various other things. I used to think knocking doors was the hardest job out there. I now realize that it was easy for me. I learned how to cold call and get customers to sign a 5-year contract in as little as 15 minutes.

Within the first 4 months, I was in the top 10% of my office and remained that way until a month ago when I decided I didn’t want to be gone from my family every other week. So, I decided to change jobs.

I now sell print and technology to businesses. I have never sold B2B before, and I catch myself wishing I could go back to B2C and write a deal. Don’t get me wrong though, I love the daily challenges and the things I am learning. It may seem that by writing this in a blog I am telling the world that I don’t know what I’m doing–that may be true. There is one thing for sure though that I do know; how to take massive action and reach my goals. There is a lot to learn, that’s for sure. I have only one advantage that I carry with me from previous experience. I have extreme dedication to improving myself. I may be new to this industry but I always take massive action. I have committed myself to be better today than I was yesterday and better tomorrow than I am today, and luckily, I am.

I have always been able to learn quickly. I take massive action no matter what it is and I have never been let down. I have learned that the harder I work the luckier I get. I will get new problems and that will always bigger problems than I once had. This pushes me to grow, improve and get better for myself, my family and my customers.

I may not know my current industry yet, but I will. When I do, you better watch out because I will always be taking massive action and do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

You too can find success in your current job, career or your side-hustle. Just commit and then take massive action to get better and get the job done! Remember to take massive action in everything though, not just one thing. Action includes studying and practice, along with everything else. Once you know what you’re doing don’t stop taking massive action and you will see massive results.

School Conventions

I’m new to the blogging world–I’m working on expanding my abilities. If by some chance you stumble upon this blog, I hope it can help you out. Some of you will know more than me and have more experience than I do. If that’s the case please leave your feedback.

This last week we attended conventions for the Utah Association of Public Charter Schools (UAPCS) and the Utah PTA to expand our screen-printing side of our business. This is a new avenue we decided we would go down to see what type of traction we could get.

We started the week with the Charter School convention, this was very different than what we thought it would be. As expected there were a lot of people in attendance who didn’t make decisions, it just happened that there were far fewer decision makers than we thought (we would later learn that we were wrong). This convention consisted of teachers and administrators, but mostly teachers. Of course, we made the most of it and were able to pull people into our booth by our giveaways and our raffle.

We had samples of our apparel and journals that we customize to fit any specific need. At first, we didn’t place too much attention on our journals because we were there to push our apparel business. This worked great, but we kept getting questions about our journals and what we could do with them. They asked if they could put the school logo on front, change bindings, add an events calendar, school directory and so on. Because of this, we decided that we had been taking the wrong approach, luckily, we caught this early on.

Being in the age of technology we are used to having everything online and easily accessible. This isn’t necessarily true when it comes to schools. They are used to paper forms and slow back and forth transactions. We decided to solve their problems.

But what problem do teachers face?

If you haven’t guessed, ease of access and convenience.

We started solving problems by pitching our ability to create web stores that eliminate all the hassle schools are accustomed to. As we began selling these teachers and administrators on the ease of online portals they began to become more engaged, they asked more questions and realized that although they normally don’t have the ability to make decisions, they actually could.

This totally changed our mindsets for the following day.

We were able to have better conversations with teachers. We helped them realize that they can make decisions by providing options to the students and their families. They realized that they could make their classroom more engaging by having class t-shirts for field trips, events and whatever else they wanted.

The PTA convention, on the other hand, was fairly close to what we expected. A bunch of moms who knew what they were looking for and could make decisions. There were approximately 100 vendors trying to convince each PTA president why they should go with their company for their school fundraiser. That’s what we were there for too, so we thought.

We quickly learned that these schools actually end up losing money on school apparel and that they don’t even think twice about it being a fundraiser. The schools will either sell apparel for cost so they break even or they have to purchase everything up front, meaning they have to guess the correct quantity of each size. This typically means that they over-buy and are left with too much and lose money.

Within thirty minutes we changed our approach. We began telling schools that we, in fact, didn’t want them to use us as their fundraiser (we learned that we were the only ones doing this) and that they had the flexibility to do what they wanted. We would create their web store and they could charge cost for the apparel or mark it up and we would take the excess and donate it to the school. As soon as we started doing this we would have one PTA member come, love what we had to say and then they would send the rest of the PTA members over. This again solved problems they faced–but they didn’t know it until we helped them realize it. By adapting to their needs we were able to help them realize that there was an easier way than what they were used to, they didn’t have to lose money, and that they could actually make money off of it without it being their one and only fundraiser.

After we had a smooth flow, we started to realize that there was more we could offer. More solutions to problems that we didn’t realize. At this convention, we again brought our journals, but we also brought custom wrapping paper and magnetic calendars. We just had these for display and for giveaways to help with our branding and recognition. As we did so these ladies began to talk to each other about how “cute” it would be if they could turn the journals into a planner or do other custom things with this (You’d think we would have learned after the first time), how convenient magnetic calendars with school schedule and contact information would be and they began to ask more about our wrapping paper.

After hearing this, we started over.

These PTA members didn’t care about cut and dry products. They wanted to provide options, they wanted to have one place they could go, a one-stop shop. We adapted our original pitch of an online web store to customize apparel to using the website to customize any of our items (something we do for other customers). Most of the attendees were moms with kids in different grades and too much already on their plate. They don’t want to handle money, order forms and work with several different companies. They want convenience and the ability to get what they need.

The moral of the story is that we need to adapt and do so quickly. Oftentimes, if we are in a sale, or exhibiting we focus on what WE have to say and what WE want to sell or market and forget to listen. I have learned that if I am able to slow things down, listen to the person I am talking to and continually to look to solve THEIR seen or unseen problems, the more successful I become.

Sometimes we face issues of not having the autonomy to change our pitch or we aren’t compensated enough to change our pitch. Here’s the trick though, sell what you can to whom you can and do it the right way. Think “what problem are they facing and how can I solve it”, you aren’t going to sell a hammer to someone that needs a screwdriver. You may be thinking to yourself, well I don’t get paid as much to sell that item so I’m not going to do it. Well, what if that person doesn’t want your item, are you going to let them walk away empty handed? I would rather solve their problem and provide them something I don’t get much out of then nothing at all. It’s a win-win. You solve their problem and you make a little money.

I have noticed that the harder I work, the luckier I get. I may have a bunch of small deals, but my deals may add up to be more than your one big deal. Plus, I can still get big deals on top of my small ones.